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Admission Information

Biomedical engineering is an interdispinary subject wich integrates engineering, life sciences and medicine. Characterized by "solid foundation, broad caliber and strong practice", we train students with solid master of knowledge and management skills- rudimentary knowledge of life sciences and basic medicines, electric techiniques relevant to biomedical engineering, computer skills and developing ability of information scinece. We strive to nurture students into qualified talents with healthy personality and innovative spirit, and capable of scientific research, technological development, program design and adminitrative management.

Training program

锛1锛塃xploring teaching reform and improving training scheme

锛2锛塃xerting scientific research capability and nurturing students' innovation

锛3锛塙pgrading the quality of talents training with internationalized standards



The department of basic medicines, biomedical engineering and public health are qualified to train postgraduate students.

The subject of basic medicines stick to open disciplinary development. Over ten years of development, the department has been granted with first level discipline of master program. Currently, there are four key research directions including molecular & cell biology, immunology, infectious diseases and neuroscience.

The subject of biomedical engineering is an interdisplinary combined with medicine and engineering. Key research directions include biomedical imaging, neural engineering, micro-nano medicine & tissue engineering and medical equipment. Further, renowned research platforms such as Tsinghua-Johns Hopkins Joint Center for Biomedical Engineering Research and Tsinghua Center for Advanced Genome Technology with Colombia University provide strong support to subject development.

Center for Public Health is established in July, 2010, and is affiliated to School of Medicine; October 2011, the subject of public health started enrolling postgraduates for the master program, and started up master degree for international public health (IMPH). Till September 2016, the center has enrolled 53 international students from 23 countries. Since 2016, School of Medicine initiated a master program called EMTM, aiming at training doctors, scientists and medical managment talents with strong capacity of clinical research, innovation and international vision for helath and medical services insititues.

1xbet网页版 - 搜狗指南