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Infectious diseases are still an important factor threatening our country’s public health, national economy, social stability and national security. At present,our country is focusing on key areas of infectious disease prevention and control. By achieving core technology breakthroughs and key technology integration,our country's independent innovation capability for infectious disease scientific prevention and control has reached the international advanced level. Our country’s infectious disease prevention and control system has established an integrated and innovative integrated technology platform for the prevention and control of infectious diseases. It has strengthened technological innovation and innovation in prevention and control mechanisms in terms of diagnosis, prevention and treatment, and has initially formed an internationally advanced level of emergency and acute infectious disease prevention and control. Technology System.

The establishment of the "Tsinghua University AIDS Comprehensive Research Center" in 2008 marked the beginning of the infectious disease discipline of Tsinghua University. Since then, we rely on the medical school and successively introduced a group of talents with international competitiveness in the direction of this discipline. Focusing on the three core links of infectious disease including sources, transmission routes, and susceptible populations, in the detection, diagnosis and treatment, and prevention of major infectious diseases., in order to concentrate on breaking through a series of key scientific and technological issues in the mechanism, detection, diagnosis and treatment, prevention, and social response of infectious diseases, and build a high-level comprehensive research team for major infectious diseases. The "Infectious Disease Research Center of Tsinghua University School of Medicine" was established. At present, the center has 10 laboratories, based on basic research, focusing on and solving important scientific problems of major infectious diseases, combining public health and clinical research, and incubating innovative research institutions that produce original diagnostic solutions, vaccines and drugs. Focus on five aspects: basic research on infectious diseases, research on anti-infective immunity, research and development of anti-infective drug vaccines, diagnosis of emerging and sudden infectious diseases, and epidemiological research on infectious diseases, focusing on infection and immune mechanisms, etiology and genetics of major infectious diseases Evolution, vaccine and drug research and development, detection technology, explore the pathogenic mechanism of bacterial and viral pathogens and related disease prevention and control methods. At present, a biosafety research and development system based on infectious disease and public health research has been formed, and it has been used in major infectious diseases. Major breakthroughs have been made in the pathogenic mechanism and pathogenesis of the disease. The Infectious Disease Research Center makes every effort to quickly apply and transform the latest basic research results to provide scientific and technological support for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of major infectious diseases in my country.

In recent years, our school has also established important facilities related to infectious disease research, including a biosafety secondary laboratory animal platform, a protein testing platform, and a small molecule drug screening platform. At present, our university is preparing to build a biosafety three-level laboratory platform, aiming to improve our university's basic conditions for researching major infectious diseases in our country.

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